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H.D. Brake & Parts Cleaner - THDBPC

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H.D. Brake & Parts Cleaner - THDBPC

  • Treblex H.D Brake & Parts Cleaner is formulated with highly refined solvents, alcohols and organic compounds all of which make this product an extremely effective and safe to use.
  • H.D Brake & Parts Cleaner is unlike many other brake cleaners produced with solvents containing known carcinogens or suspected liver, kidney and reproductive toxicants.
  • It is designed to quickly and safely dissolve and remove grease oil and contaminants from brakes, parts, slides, tools and chains.
  • It is ideal for use in the heaviest duty industrial applications.
  • Designed to evaporates away slower than our standard product allowing more time to work on heavy soilage. It does not need to be washed off like degreasing products.
  • It has a 360o valve making the product useable inverted for hard to reach applications.
  • Size - 400g