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PETROL INJECTOR CLEANER - TPIC 250ml / 10 / 20 / 2

Cleans and protects Injectors improving spray patterns for optimum engine performance.Helps clean fuel system and reduce deposits.Use at service intervals or more often if necessary.

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FUEL BOOSTER TREATMENT - TFB 250ml / 10 / 20 / 200

Improves power and responsiveness and increases octane number and helps to remove pinging, knock and hesitation.Cleans and reduces deposits in the fuel system.

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DYNAFUEL - TDF 10 / 20 / 200

Disperses moisture in fuel tanks and fuel lines.Designed to suit all liquid hydrocarbon fuels.Enhances cleaner, more efficient combustion.Contains a biocide to help combat build up of diesel...

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Diesel System Treatment reatment - TDST 250ml 10 /

Helps clean the whole fuel system under normal driving conditions without the need to disassemble the fuel system.Helps reduce carbon deposits in the combustion chamber, neutralises harmful acids and...

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INTERNAL CLEANER PLUS - TICP 250ml 10 / 20 / 200

Helps remove contaminants, protect and lubricate internally to allow full and rapid oil flow.Contains no harmful aromatic hydrocarbons.Cleans the internal combustion engine in just 10 minutes.

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ENGINE STOP LEAK - TESL 250ml / 10 / 20 / 200

Helps stop oil leaks and condition gaskets and seals to prolong their life.Helps reduce oil seepage and leaks, reducing oil consumption.

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OIL FORTIFIER - TOF 250ml / 10 / 20 / 200

Helps maintain oil pressure and reduce oil burning by the use of synthetic viscosity builders.Oil fortifier is designed to enhance the performance of API, SAE and CCMC engine oils and...

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SLIP OIL ANTIWEAR - TSOA 250ml / 10 / 20 / 2000

Helps extend engine power and life and reduce wear with the use of special surface modifying lubricants and anticorrosionagents designed specifically to protect against metal to metal friction...

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