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Tool Repairs & Servicing

Here at Nessco we like to go beyond simply giving our customers a great sales experience; we also like to insure that our tools stay as efficient as the day they were purchased, saving you time and money. With our specialized workshop and trained service technicians, Nessco makes repairing any tool a quick and hassle free process, regardless of brand or specialty.

Nessco is authorized repair agent for:

Our repair services can cater for the full range of tools from the following industries:

  • Mining
  • Industrial
  • Construction
  • Specialised equipment

Repair & Service Fee

Quote (including full strip & parts breakdown)
Non Refundable
Air Tool Repair
Gas Tool Repair
Specialised Tool Repair
Depends on the tools
Single Phase Compressor Repairs

Normal turn-around time for repair is 2 weeks.
Nessco will advise if the repair service will take more than 2 weeks.
For a more detailed quote, visit our trade counter or contact us here.

Terms & Conditions

Before Nessco Service Department inspects your tools, make sure that all other unnecessary parts of the tool are already removed (i.e. tag name, key holder, etc).
You may also provide Nessco with a proof of purchase receipt (if available) for warranty purposes.
Nessco are not responsible for any loss of unsolicited parts that comes with the tool.
Nessco repair & service technician will not start the repair until you give an acknowledgment.
Service terms & conditions apply. Contact us for more details.

Uncollected Tools

Any tool not collected within 30 days from the finished service date, will be disposed of or sold to recoup costs without further notice.